Book Published

  • Keyboard Harmony,   textbook, co-authored with Drs. Dalia Cohen and Naftali Wagner; published by Academon Publishers of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1981; second edition, 1985

Articles Published

  • "The Theory Of Composition"  Music In Time, Israel 2006
  • Art & Entertainment, Published in the World New Music Magazin No.11
  • "Text and Sound in Stravinsky's Oedipus Rex" (in Hebrew) published in Prisma, monthly publication of art and literature,  March 1987, Tel-Aviv 
  • "From Draft to Score and Back Again" published in Music In Time, a publication of the Rubin Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem,  issue of 1986-87 
  • "Tonal Ambiguities as a Constructive Force in the Language of Stravinsky” published in The Musical Quarterly,  Vol. LXVIII, No. 4,  October, 1982