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Stefanie C. Braun

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...souverän: Stefanie C. Braun...    
Opernwelt, Kurzkritik, Festivalausgabe, Stefan Mosch

… ueberzeugte die Gräfin schon im 2. Akt durch Charme und Stimme, erlag man gleich gar der sensiblen Koloratur der leidvollen Arie “Dove sono”... Münchner Merkur

…zuletzt wurde so auch die am Boden liegend (!) gesungene Arie der Gräfin vokal und szenisch zu einem Geniestreich. Ein echtes Erlebnis. Süddeutsche Zeitung
It did not take her long to become everyone's darling and the declared audience favorite: a crystal-clear soprano voice that masters even the most difficult passages with seeming ease and, most importantly, absolutely faultlessly, a perky appearance at times, intensely dramatic at others, depending on what was called for, she got the most clapping at the end. 

  Everybody, but everybody, loved her, including the critics who have thus far reviewed the production.
 ....Braun has true star quality in her voice, her stage presence, audience handling, looks and diction, as well as in her highly disciplined approach to her work.  Tess Crebbin, Munich, Germany